Written by Ginny Stone
Published by Lets Look Publishers


2019 is International Year of the Periodic Table (IYPT). If you want to know all about this visit the official page. But just to give you a quick taste – the periodic system was discovered 150 years ago by a dude called Dmitri Mendeleev. To help celebrate IYPT we made my book “Sibo Mixes Things Up” a free read for the month of January. Chemistry is rather cool!

This book was originally sponsored by BASF  in 2011 for International Year of Chemistry (IYC). Mrs Rudi Horak – yes, that’s actually the correct spelling of her name, was in charge of Sci-Enza (the science centre at the University of Pretoria) at that stage and she was instrumental in getting funding. This meant the book could be given out to kids freely during that year. Sci-Enza also developed a really awesome puppet  show to go with this book that delighted and  enlightened many children around South Africa.

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Sibo is now an award winning girl!