The Move… the kitchen

Know I should be writing the cats’ blog first, but honestly – I have to rave a bit about the kitchen in the new house.

Yes! It is very blue, but this does not bother me in the slightest. For the last 8 years we’ve had a brown/black kitchen with no window to speak of. There was one that went out the back door – sort of in the scullery bit, but it led onto the covered over, walled-in back hokkie where the bin was kept. No light and certainly no view.

Not only was it dark, but the fluorescent light had a mind of its own and sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t. Over the years the oven seemed to get more and more temperamental – if you tried to cook anything at 200 deg C. it smelt like the kitchen cupboards were on fire. (They felt warm to the touch too.) It also took just about longer to get up to temperature than it did to cook the food. Lastly – if you used more than 2 plates at one time, the electricity tripped. I know we could have called in the fixer-dudes but somehow that always felt like more trouble than it was worth.

The first day after we moved, I tackled the kitchen. There are cupboards galore – loads of space. Nothing has to be stacked on top of each other. Em and I had a brief altercation over the “pantry”. She felt I should put food in there. I said it was not practical. I won. The biggest problem was trying to figure out what should go where.

Apart from all the cupboards… did I mention there is a pull-out dedicated spice rack, and a built-in pull-out veggie rack, there are couple of serious highlights in this kitchen.

The sink has a fancy tap. One of those swishy things that you can un-hinge, hit a little rubbery button and it turns into a sprayer type thingy. The previous owners had a dishwasher but our washing machine goes into that slot (seeing as Emma is using the laundry as a work room). Anyway – we don’t have a dishwasher so it’s a moot point. It makes it really easy to hose down huge baking trays in the sink. A doddle in fact! Except the rest of the family takes great pleasure in leaving that little button engaged so that my own unsuspecting self comes along, turns on the tap and nearly dies of fright when it hisses and sprays at me. I have instated a rule – use the hose thing with pleasure but turn it back into a tap when you are finished – or I’ll spray you with it!

Another highlight is the oven… A DEFY Gemini Gourmet Multifunction double oven. OMG! We made pizza the other night and… well… see for yourself. 20 minutes and it was cooked perfectly. Today I made biscuits – same story. (This is where the HUGE baking trays come in – I can fit two of my trays of biscuits on one shelf!) Okay – there is a little glitch – seems like if you use the oven at a high temperature – the power trips – but only in the house – not in the flatlet. We’ll be getting hold of an electrician – but in the meantime, we know how to circumvent it – switch the geyser off whilst cooking.

The stove top is one of those DEFY glass plate thingies – that heats up instantly. Turn the dial and poof! It’s instantly cherry red and ready to cook. (None of this taping it with your hand shite, waiting for it to heat up… maybe.It’s even got a special plate for me – one that regulates the heat and it’s almost impossible to burn anything.

Our kitchen is light and airy and has a fabulous window – a huge one – that looks out onto the front garden and you can see the road beyond – so washing up is not one bit boring.

I know these are things that people maybe take for granted – but after our shitty complex kitchen – it’s a real treat to have a fully functioning kitchen again.

This lovely kitchen totally makes up for the crappy bathroom!

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