Toolkit for Teenagers and Twenty-Somethings

A few simple rules that will get you far in life.

Please and thank you will get you far. Seriously. They will.

If you receive a gift (it does not matter if you think it’s crappy) thank the person who gave it to you. This can be done in several ways:

  • Thank the person personally
  • Pick up the phone
  • Write a letter
  • Send an sms or whatsap
  • Send a message on Facebook
  • Leave a post on the person’s wall
    NB – Generic messages on your Facebook wall do not count.

If you get into a car (like you are getting a lift or something) say “hullo” as you get in. Don’t wait until you’ve finished your text or whatever. It is not the other person’s duty to greet you first.

Put your fecking phone in your pocket or bag for the first five minutes. The world will not come crashing to a halt if you miss a couple of posts or texts.

Grunting does not count – you need to actually enunciate your words.

Be cheerful – it won’t kill you. God forbid but a smile might also be nice.

Ask the other people how they are. This will get you plenty of brownie points.

If you think you are cute and gorgeous – the world does not owe you one.

Even if you are cute and gorgeous – the world still does not owe you one.

Amazingly enough – you do not know everything. No! Really. You don’t.

Have some respect for those around you. Life is not all on your terms.

At a restaurant – sit up straight and put that fecking phone away. Pretend like you are a grownup and have a conversation in real life. Face to face.

Don’t drop your crap all over the house the minute you come home. Put it in your room or wherever.

Get off your ass and offer to help every now and then. No matter where you are.

Your parental agents do not owe you one, nor are they your slaves. Without them you would not be having this beautiful life experience. Be grateful.

If in doubt refer to Number 1 and put your fecking phone down.

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