Bag Lady

Up for a challenge? Only for the brave-hearted or the locked-down bored.
~ Ginny Stone

It’s day three of lockdown in South Africa. Ladies (and any men who have one-like my Uncle Rob), I have a challenge for you:

Clean out your handbag!

And… if you want to trot down the lint-lined carpet of shame, share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever social media tickles your fancy and tag it #HandbagChallenge.

Or just do it quietly and feel good.

I shall trot first, seeing as I did mine on day one.

It was shameful I tell you. My cheeks burned and there was nobody to see. I went about it very scientifically and took photos to prove just what a slobby old baggage I really am.

First, I weighed my bag with all the contents in it. As you can see from the pic, it weighed damn near 2kgs. This is something that I carry around on my shoulder daily. There’s a nice dent where each new bag fits perfectly after all these years.

Then I tipped all contents out and weighed my bag again – 402 g – all by itself.

This is what I found:

  • Cell phone (224 g)
  • Purse (289 g)
  • Kindle (262 g)
  • Water bottle (344 g)
  • 7 hair thingies
  • 3 notebooks + 1 piece of blank paper (I write)
  • 6 pens (I said I write, didn’t I?)
  • R13.50 loose coins rattling around in various pockets
  • 2 boxes of smokes + 1 lighter (don’t even smoke ffs – Emma does)
  • Spare car key for Chris’s Peugeot (in a bag)
  • Business cards (old and new)
  • Sewing kit
  • Lucky marble (Luan gave this to me when he was about 8)
  • Revolting pile of old manky tissues and receipts
  • Teensy mirror (from MTN Sciencentre days in Canal Walk)
  • Magnifying glass (for when Chris forgets his glasses and can’t read the menu)
  • Credit card pocket knife kit
  • Hand cream (13 years old – never used)
  • Lip ice
  • Mozzie repellant (thanks Toni)
  • Plasters (in a little container that Chris brought back from Belgium many years ago)
  • Assortment of pain pills
  • Bag in a bag
  • Toothpick (covered)
  • Nail files x2
  • Empty container (for when I ‘come across’ seeds in public spaces)
  • Tissue pack (clean)
  • Odd sweets – mom gets a dry mouth often
  • Torch (can’t get caught short during load shedding)
  • Paper clips
  • 1 cable tie
  • Cool puzzle that Mike Bruton gave me 13 years ago
  • Spar Saver card
  • Woolies voucher and envelope
  • Letter from Dr to go for a mammogram (2 years old)
  • Municipality bill (proof of address)
  • Address book
The contents of my bag…

Years ago, when the kids were little, my friend’s teensy daughter used to sidle up and whisper in her sing-song little voice, “Aunt Gin, whatchoo got in your ba-ag?” Back then, I used to have a never-ending supply of snacks and sweets (yes, in addition to all the same sort of crap above) that would magically appear in times of need. Now that she’s big, I wonder what she has in her handbag?

I threw away all the cruddy bits of tissue and receipts. They only weighed around 45 gm – did not make much difference weight-wise, but made one hell of a difference in volume and mankiness.

Then I put everything else back into my bag.

Now it’s your turn.

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