Ginny Stone, a hybrid author, has been scribbling for a large portion of her life. 

Her first book, “Sibo Makes a Difference” on the theme of global warming was published in 2008 by Lets Look Publishers. The Sibo Series (print only) currently has 14 titles. These are storybooks for children, written in wacky rhyme. A ‘green’ theme runs through all the books. She strongly believes that changing the mindset of the next generation is going to help save the earth. Empowering children, one page at a time is her passion. The series also includes crazy topics like nanotechnology, space, HIV AIDS and biodiversity. Recently one of her books – Sibo on the Move – won an international Golden Quill award.

Sibo’s Blog (which also ran as a weekly column in the African Reporter for 4 years) recently won a Ukiyoto Global Blog Award 2019. Part of the prize is that Sibo’s Blog – a book of the best blogs – was published by Ukiyoto Publishing. Also available on Amazon as an eBook and in print.

The Imaginaeries of Faerie Glen, written in conjunction with her younger daughter, Igz, is a modern-day fairy story set in a nature reserve right in the middle of Pretoria, South Africa. Ginny and her husband often hike in the very same magical reserve. This is evolving into a series with the release of Sham-Belly Shack. Winona’s Whistle will be released in the next few days.

A Dog’s Blog and Straight from the Mutts Mouth began as a weekly column in The Springs Advertiser in 2007 (and only ended in 2016) In a nutshell – these books are a hilarious look at family life written from the dogs’ point of view.  What Happened to my Yard is coming soon!

Out Damned Spot is a result of Ginny’s brush with cancer last year. Writing is cathartic-even for a writer!

The latest book, Wizard of Wigwash – The Adventures of Johnny the Penguin, has been written in conjunction with Alastair Kendall. Hence the name “Kendall Stone” on the cover. Published August 2019.

Anthologies compiled by Ginny

Anthologies (A collection of stories by various writers, compiled & edited by GS, available in print only). Read how these came about.

When not writing, Ginny designs educational games, posters, cartoon strips, does other bits of creative meddling and can often be found pottering around in the garden. She shares her life with her lovely husband Chris, extended family, two cats and a neurotic sausage dog.