There are now 16 titles in the Sibo Series:

Sibo is an energetic young girl who has always cared for the planet but didn’t realise just how bad it really was… until she met the Earthman. After hearing what he had to say, she embarks on various energy-saving projects and realises that even little changes will make a BIG difference.

This was the first book published by Lets Look Publishers in 2008.
ISBN: 978-1-920293-80-2

Sibo’s adventures continue and this time in her own garden. Reading the paper one day she learns how to plant her own vegetables. With her father’s help, she sets about making a veggie bed and eventually supplying the household with delicious and nutritious vegetables.

ISBN: 978-1-920116-68-2

Sibo starts thinking about water and where it comes from. She realises what a precious resource it is and finds out how water gets into our homes. Her concern leads her to discover ways to conserve water around the house.

ISBN: 978-1-920116-69-9

Sibo is so excited. She has worked hard at school and now it’s holiday time. Sibo travels with her Mum and Dad to the seaside and finds that things are not what they should be. Her disappointment turns to pleasure when her father suggests solutions and spoils her with a special trip.

ISBN: 978-1-920116-76-7

Looking at the stars one night with her Dad, Sibo becomes fascinated with the planets and outer space. She sets out to find as much as she can and not only finds amazing facts, she also discovers just how fragile our planet really is.

ISBN: 978-1-920116-75-0

(This title was sponsored by DST / SAASTA for International Year of Astronomy in 2009.)

Sibo Tackles Trash - book by Ginny Stone

One day an absent-minded Sibo drops her sweet wrapper on the floor in her classroom. As punishment, her teacher tells her to remain behind at break time. Sibo’s teacher exposes the problems of littering but also tells Sibo about recycling and how she can help keep our cities and countryside free of this messy stuff.

ISBN: 978-1-920116-89-7

Sibo makes friends with a new girl who has a secret that she seems ashamed of. Sibo’s mother also makes it clear that the friendship is not on. Find out what the secret is and how Sibo helps change her mother’s misguided beliefs and shows her new friend that her secret is nothing to be ashamed of.

ISBN: 978-1-920340-06-3

Sibo Sizes Things Up - by Ginny Stone

Whilst doing a school project, Sibo thinks she has found just what she needs in her mum’s washing detergent, but all she found was trouble. Her headmistress arranges a talk from Professor Small who explains that what she was looking for is smaller than she can see. He is an expert in Nanotechnology and takes Sibo and her friends on a fantastic adventure of the mind.

ISBN: 978-1-920340-40-7

Sibo Likes Life by Ginny Stone

At school, Sibo and her friends learn a new word – biodiversity. The teacher’s explanation makes Sibo concerned about the environment, but her dad comes up with a great idea to fix up the local park. The whole community gets involved and shares ideas on how it can be done. They are rewarded with a clean and beautiful space to play, have picnics, go for walks and marvel at nature’s beauty.

ISBN 978-1-920340-41-4

(10,000 copies of this title were sponsored by SAASTA during International Year of Biodiversity in 2010. )

Oh dear… Sibo has made a huge mess and has to clean it up before her Mum finds out. Thankfully her friend Lennie comes to the rescue and helps clean up the mess with a chemical “magic potion”. A grateful Sibo becomes curious about chemicals and how they work, so her teacher invites a guest to school to tell her class all about chemistry and how it helps us in everyday life.

ISBN 978-1-920340-41-4

(3000 copies were sponsored by BASF, the chemical company in 2011 for the International Year of Chemistry. )

Sibo is befriended by a stray dog and wants to keep it. But her mum is having none of it and the dog is taken to the pound. The man from the shelter explains the plight of animals to Sibo and how certain people mistreat them and don’t seem to care. A determined Sibo does some research and gets involved in her usual way. Will she be reunited with her new friend?

ISBN 978-1-77570-116-3

(1000 copies of this book were sponsored by John and Michele Hattingh. )

Sibo and her family are going on another holiday, but she wonders why she has to take pills before she goes there. She soon finds out that it is a malaria hot-spot and that certain mosquitoes are to blame for spreading the disease. She learns all about malaria – the severe symptoms, what causes it and how to prevent it.

ISBN 978-1-77570-167-5

(This book was sponsored by the University of Pretoria Centre for Sustainable Malaria Control and the Department of Health. For more info on this project read here.)

Sibo and her parents are leaving the shopping mall one night when they nearly have an accident – and it wasn’t even their fault! This gets Sibo thinking about road safety, so she asks her teacher to organise a talk at the school to highlight the do’s and don’ts. Then, one day after school, Sibo gets a surprise visit and receives an amazing gift– something she’s always wanted.

ISBN 978-1-77570-229-0

We crowdfunded to make this book a reality. Thanks to NASH NISSAN – without them this book would not have been!

We’d also like to thank SuperGroup Dealerships for sponsoring 3000 copies of this title that were given out at toll gates during the Easter break of 2017 in an effort to help with the road safety situation.

One day at school, Miss Ball announces that she is planning a class trip to the zoo. But that wasn’t the only exciting thing – they were going there on the Gautrain! Miss Ball explained the rules about travelling on the Gautrain, particularly the importance of manners, as well as all the amazing high-tech features – Sibo couldn’t wait! Then, after raising funds for the trip with a bake sale, the class embarks on their epic adventure on the super-cool Gautrain.

ISBN: 978-1-77570-230-6

We are very grateful to Gautrain, who commissioned this title especially, and purchased 10,000 copies which have been freely given out to children to read.

Sibo learns in class that washing your hands properly, and not touching your face, is very important if you want to stay healthy when there are nasty viruses about. Keeping the correct distance from strangers, sneezing into a tissue or a flexed elbow also goes a long way to keeping yourself and others safe.

ISBN: 978-1-77570-272-6

(This title is currently being used in a University of Pretoria Faculty of Health Sciences research project.)

Sibo is most excited to discover that there’s a School Spaza at Flatwater Still on the weekend that she and her family will be visiting. She’s never been to such an event before and can’t wait to see all the goodies that will be on offer. Apart from lots of deliciously healthy fruit, Sibo also discovers interesting uses for parts of the fruit that normally get thrown away.

ISBN : 978-1-77570-269-6

(This title was sponsored by the University of Pretoria Faculty of Health Sciences and Canadian Institutes of Health Research.)

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