Creative Writing

Calling all writers! From published authors to aspiring writers. Novice, intermediate or expert… this is an interactive journal that’s here to challenge our writing skills in a creative, fun and different way!

Grab a glass of wine, a double shot of coffee or however else you roll and try to think about your day from a different perspective.

Have you any idea what it might be like to walk in your shoes? Perhaps that sock isn’t really lost – it’s in witness protection. Maybe those lucky knickers want to share their secret, or that watch doesn’t have a clue what the freaking time is. Does the shoelace that always comes untied desperately want to escape and become a snake? Does your favourite pair of earrings secretly want a divorce?

Journaling is cathartic, beneficial and uses both sides of the brain. This is a unique way of testing that theory. It’s definitely not your boring dear old diary entry from way back.

Wow, the writing community with any aspect of your day from the point of view of something that you wear. Here’s an example of what a journal entry could look like.

Hmmmm…. Why should we bother doing this?
Oooh… good question!

  • Because 1 (one) week after the 20th entry has been submitted the first issue of Creative Writers Journal will be published on-line for everybody to read, enjoy, snigger over and share.
  • Because your writing will be showcased along with 19 other writers. Your social media links will be profiled, plus you’re able to include a link to your author page or web site. So… if readers enjoy your little snippet of writing, they can easily find more.
  • Because 1 (one) lucky person will get FREE entry into the next issue of CWJ. Topic to be announced later.
  • Because we can all have fun trying to guess what “the thing” is that you’ve journaled about. Easy as pie – simply click on the twitter/ Instagram link using the hashtag #CWJ01 so that we can all see.
  • Because out-of-the-box thinking is required, which stretches your imagination and hones your writing skills.
  • Because everyone is a winner!
  • Aahhh reeeeaaally? Do you need more reasons?
    Because it’s going to be huge fun – now read the rest.

  1. Write 200 (two hundred ONLY – or less) words from the POV of SOMETHING YOU WEAR. Prose or poetry accepted. Please note: Entries will not be edited.
  2. Fill out this Google form (please do this before paying to ensure that there is still space). There are only 20 (twenty) entries per chapter (automatic cut-off).
  3. Pay $10 via the PayPal link provided to confirm your entry, and send one photo (of yourself, your dog, your books–whatever) plus confirmation of payment to

Still not exactly sure whether you want to be part of this?
Click here to see how awesome the Creative Writers Journal is going to be.

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What's your story - we all have a story to tell.
We all have a story to tell.

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