Washing the curtains

So they say that moving house is right up there with death and divorce.

Well… we are moving house. After having lived in our current home for the last 8 years we are finally moving. To a house not too far away… one that we have bought. That can accommodate the WHOLE fandamily.

The problem with being a creative sort is that there are many different bits to move.

Like my whole artsy fartsy cupboard that has a million bits and pieces of all sorts of precious stuff.

Like the bead curtain that I made for the window on the stairs. The one that faces out into the whole one side of the complex… where I used to run up and down the stairs scantily clad… before the kids came home last year, that is.

The recycled bits of ironed plastic are dust magnets. So after a while, they always look really dirty and nasty, instead of like a lacy shiny tingly fabulous curtain.

I need to wash the passage curtain… I announced.

My lovely husband rescued the ladder out of the garage and positioned it nicely against the wall.

 I looked at it… said Great, thanks, no need to hover. I can take it from here!

No, he replied…. I shall stay here until you safely unhook those beady curtains from the rail, in case you fall.

Yah right thought I… you are just poep scared that I plunge down a few stairs and break something and then you have to pack the leftover stuff in the house yourself.

But I smiled and said thank you very much.

Then unhooked the strands of beady curtain and passed each one down. It really was no big deal. Grabbed them from my lovely husband and laid them down on the grass (bit of a pain in the ass untangling them) then washed each and every single strand.

No need to worry about not doing my hula hoop squats for that day – was doing more than my fair share squatting over the water bucket.

I pottered about, squat hang, squat hang…. chat chat…

My not-so-lovely-man was incommunicado because he was busy trying to organise some graph or other for his tart.

Seriously irritating… me… Chatty chatty chat…

Husband… Hmmm. …yes…. chaaaa….ttt. Maybe…

I mean… I’m a chatty person. I chat. I chat in real life and I chat in sms’s, whatsapps and emails. I am unable to help myself from chatting. Chatty chat chat.

Hmmm…. yar. umm…. Okay then.


I finished hanging all my clean shiny strands of curtains on the washing line and then ran upstairs to get my cell phone to take a pic.

Only to find that I had been robbed. Yah. Seriously. Some asshole had racked up R4800 at Pick n Pay n Port Shepstone.

Called the emergency number and reported the crime.

This whole thing also kind of robbed the spring out of my step.

But I let those strands of beads dry and packed them all up into single plastic bags so that they can be hung up again easily at our new house.