The Imaginaeries become real!

The Imaginaeries are no longer a figment of our imagination! 

Finally… at long last… I have gotten my act together and launched our new fairy storybook “The Imaginaeries of Faerie Glen” as an e-book on Amazon.

It is live, available and waiting to be read and reviewed.

So… if you have nothing to do this weekend… head off to your local nature reserve and go and check out your own imaginaeries that might be lurking in the bushes. (Gotcha – you thought I was going to tell you to buy my book – right?)

Actually – it was rather fortunate for me that my lovely husband came home when he did – boompsed my backside off my chair – and took over.

As usual, I had not bothered to read all the instructions and was having a few problems with uploading the images.

However, even after he read all the instructions (gnashing his teeth at my stupidity) the pictures still did not display properly. A bit irritating to say the least.

He even convinced me that we did not need two of the images so I removed them. But I drew the line and taking the feathers out at the end of each chapter. Those little grab-a-spot taxi suckers were going to stay.

But they were so teensy that they looked like smudgy Bollywoggles instead of feathers!

Eventually we discovered that no matter what resolution you saved the pics in your file, MSWORD messed with the size of them when they converted the file to a Kindle-happy html version. Luckily my lovely husband is a bit of a computer whiz on the side and he thwarted the system and overcame it.

Now it’s time to start marketing!

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