The Move – the garden II

So there we were, three weeks later… grovelling around in the garden one Sunday afternoon, snipping a bit here, digging a bit there… we had walked passed the same spot probably a hundred times already.

Holy Shite!” My lovely husband exclaimed. “Gin! Come and check this out.”

Dropped what I was doing and ran to where he was standing at the corner of the house, staring gobsmacked at the wall. I expected some sort of weird plant or another crazy plastic animal, but no…

There, nestled behind a sort of rather ugly shed-type thing, covered with ivy, was a lovely blue door.

Sadly – not leading to a secret garden, but to the neighbours yard!

We bandied about some conjecture about secret portals to outer space or just previous residents having sneaky love affairs and slipping backwards and forwards in the dead of night. But then we figured that maybe, back in some old day, they were just friends and the one house (not ours) had a lovely huge pool which they were happy to share.

Not sure how we’d missed it all the time, but we had.

Our lovely garden continues to amaze us.

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