Prequel to the new house – eye shopping!

We recently bought a house… after living in a complex for almost 8 years.

So… this cold winter morning we took ourselves off to Safari Garden Centre, one of the local nurseries in Pretoria East, for a lovely sunny breakfast. We were the only clever people doing this at 09h40 and had the place to ourselves.

Afterwards, we went shopping for plants for our new garden… with our eyes… seeing as we only move at the beginning of August.

My lovely man was looking for nice thorny things to plant around the fence, to stop people from popping in and doing some affirmative shopping. I am not so worried about this because the current house-owners assure us that they have not had one single incident in their street (soon to be “our” street) for the last five years, yet alone in their home. 

I vetoed this prickly dude – looks just nasty – the top bit was not even vaguely attractive either.

I checked out the flowers, the veggies, the fruit and nut trees. The house has THE most awesome pecan nut tree already – about 5 or 6 meters tall. It was what sold us on the house, to begin with. That and the fact that we can fit in the whole damn fandamily, including my mom, and still have space to breathe.

Oh… did I mention that we got a free doglet with the house?

A little pecan-nut eating-dachshund named Gemma.  When we found out that she was not moving to New Zealand with the rest of the family, we had our own speedy family conference and decided that we’d happily let her adopt us.

Psst… who has played snap-snap with snapdragons before?

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