Eat your greens… you dangerous little dude!

Clearly this is a very healthy little dude – he’s having greens for lunch.

Shame though… the green beetle is no longer quite so healthy. Was totally amazed to see the lovely patterns on this little beastie when I zoomed in (after I had taken the pic – several actually – took a while to get a nice clear shot because the spider was most intent on making damn sure his dinner did not get away).

The spider has a very clear orange spot on his belly – but was not a very accommodating model and scurried under the chair with his snack before I could get a decent shot.

Know I’m always posting pics of spiders and other crazy beasties… did I ever mention that I am poop scared of spiders? (Not these pisswilly little ones – the big hairy ones that jump….)Aaaarggghhhh!!!  I just googled…. I AM SCARED OF THIS PISSWILLY LITTLE ONE AFTER ALL  

According to Seamus’s Photo Blog

“Button Spiders or Latrodectus Geometricus are some of the most dangerous spiders of Southern Africa. They have neurotoxic venom which affects the heart as well as the respiratory system. It is a very painful bite and one will usually see symptoms within half an hour. At the site of the bite will be red and swollen and often one will get a rash. Strangely enough no deaths have yet been recorded in South Africa.”